Biomed Technology is a professional company incorporated to promote high quality, cost effective C-Arm Sales, Service and Repair. Our team has extensive experience of over 10 years in medical imaging service industry and installed all over India and sales to world. We are one of the leading whole Seller of superior quality C Arms.
We specialized in sales, service for C-Arm machines are Seimens, Philips, Hitachi, GE and Toshiba. In addition to the innovative service and parts solutions we can assist you from end to end on your imaging project requirements including system purchase, site planning, relocation, installation and applications. Our clients range from big and small hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers and individuals running diagnostic facilities. C-Arm models are
GE:GE 9800, Stenoscop II
SIEMENS:Multimobil 5C , Multimobil 5E, SireMobil Compact L
PHILIPS:BV 25 Gold, BV 29, BV Libra, BV 300 PLUS
Providing high-resolution images in real-time, a C-Arm system allows you to monitor the progress of treatments and/or procedures and immediately make required corrections. This means better treatment results and increased patient recovery without concerns such as:
Long-term payment obligations
Budget challenges

Refurbished C-Arm Machine Suppliers & Dealers In India

Biomed Technology one of the trustworthy and renowned organizations involved in offering a wide gamut of Refurbished C-Arm Machines at best prices to our customers. We ensure that we deliver quality to our customers. Since more than 10 years we are providing quality products at reasonable rates, situated in Bangalore Karnataka.

GE 9800

Brand GE MODEL Asteion Super 4 power 15kW Kvp range(generator) Up to 120 mA range Up to 75 mA Frequency 60kHZ Digital spot up to 75mA Pulse width 10ms Anode heat capacity(x-ray) 300,000 HU Anode cooling rate 70,000 HU/min Housing heat capacity 1,600,000 HU motorized rotation 360(deg) Aspect ratio 4:3 Height(diemension) 69.7 in (1770 mm) Width 33.5 in (851 mm) Weight 610 lbs (277kg) Length 78 in (1994 mm)

Stenoscop II

Brand GE MODEL Stenoscop II Type full field ion chamber Energy range 50 KVp to 150 KVp Power supply voltage 24V(dc) +10%/-15% Consumption 850mA(typical) fuse rated 2A- 250V Imager 16/22 CCD

Multimobil 5C

Brand Siemens MODEL Multimobil 5C Mains Voltage 110V/190 -240V∼ Line frequency 50 / 60Hz Wave Shape Multipulse DC-Ripple 5kV max KVp Range 40 – 100kV in 20 steps mA-range 13 – 63 mA @ 190-240V input 10 – 40 mA @ 110V input Exposure Time 20mSec - 5 Sec in 24 steps @190-240V 20mSec – 8 Sec in 26 steps @ 110V Fluoroscopy voltage 40-110 kV X-ray Tube Stationary Anode DF-151R Nominal kV 110 kV Weight 280kg Without packing Operating Temperature 10° C to 40° C

Multimobil 5E

Brand Siemens MODEL Multimobil 5E Machine Type Portable (Mobile) Power Supply Volts 440 V Power Supply Frequency 50 Hz Voltage 380 V,50 Hz Fluoroscopy kV range 40-110kV mA range anti-isowatt mode 0.5-5mA X-ray Generator Maximum output 2.5kW. kV range(radiography) 40-100kV(20steps) mA range 12 63mA mAS 0.32-200mAS(19steps) Parking position 1780mm x 1660mm x 850mm

SireMobil Compact L

Brand Siemens MODEL Siremobil Compact L Orbital movement 130° Angulation ± 190° Vertical travel 45 cm (17.7″) motorized Control frequency 15 kHz to 30 kHz KV range 40 kV to 110 kV Fluoroscopy 0.2 mA to 8.9 mA Digital radiography 0.2 mA to 12.2 mA Power 100V,110V,120V,127V,200V,230V,240V; (±10%), 60/60 Hz (±1 Hz) Weight C-arm chassis 257 kg Display trolley with one display 112 kg Display trolley with two displays 138 kg

BV 25 Gold

Brand Philips MODEL BV-25 Gold Dimensions(cm) 167x 90 x 166 Weight of the item(kg) 245 X-ray tube current (mA) 0.1 Stationary or Portable Portable C-arm arc depth(cm) 55 Digital or Analog Digital Voltage(V) 120/220

BV 29

Brand Philips MODEL BV29 @ 220v 20mA @ 105 kVp Heat capacity(hu) 25000 Cooling, hu/min 12000 Focal spot size, mm Radiographic mode 1.5 Fluoroscopic mode 0.6 CASSETTE HOLDER SIZES(cm) (IMAGE INTENSIFIER) 24x 24 (9.5 x 9.5) Type (CONFIGURATION) Converter Image matrix size 476x 1400 x 10 POWER REQUIREMENTS 120V, 30 A; 220V, 16A H x W x D of C-arm frame(cm) 183x 115.6 x 264.2 WEIGHT(kg) 300 Depth(cm0 (PA GANTRY) 64(25) Orbital rotation, ° (C-ARM) +90/-25 Horizontal travel(cm)(C-ARM) 20 Vertical movement(cm) 45

BV Libra

Brand Philips MODEL BV Libra Tube type Fixed anode Nominal X-ray tube voltage 110 kV Maximum anode heat 50kHU Anode cooling capacity 30.6 kHU/min Max. generator output 3.15 kW Max. X-ray tube voltage 110 kV Max. X-ray tube current 20mA kV range(fluoroscopy) 40 to 110 kV kV range(Radiography) 40 - 105 kV mA range(Radiography) 20 mA fixed Image intensifier type Single mode 6'' HC Triple mode 9'' HRC Input voltage 110-240 V +/- 10% Frequency 50/60 Hz C-arm stand weight 9":260kg; 6": 260 kg C-arm stand length 9": 1815mm; 6": 1785mm


Brand Philips MODEL BV 300 PLUS Generator: Radiographic Mode: 2.1 kW full-wave. Focal spot: 1.4 mm. Up to 110 kVp. kVp range: 40 – 105 kVp. Up to 20mA for radiographic Fixed 20 mA. film exposures. C-Arm Dimensions: Full power from outlet: Height:1750 / 2250mm 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Width:880mm 100V-15A to 240V-10A. Length:1840 mm X-Ray Tube: Weight:300kg Fixed anode X-ray tube. Fluoroscopy Mode: Focal spots: 0.6mm and 1.4mm. Focal spot: 0.6 mm. Anode heat capacity:50,100HU. kVp range: 40 – 110 kVp. Anode cooling rate: 20,200HU/min

HF 49R

Brand Allengers Model HF 49R X-RAY GENERATOR: X-Ray Generator High Frequency 40 KHz, O/P power 6 KW X-Ray Generator Fluoro/Radiographic 40 to 120 KV Fluoro mA (Normal Mode) 0.1 to 5 mA Radiographic 30 to 100 mA Radiographic Timer 0.1 to 3 seconds Tube Head Mono block with rot. X-Ray Tube Focal Spots dual Image Intensifier Tube with Power Supply Unit 9" (230mm) Triple field (very high res.) X-Ray Round Grid 9" - 8:1, 100 LPI OPTIONAL : 12" I. I. Maximum KV output 120 Collimator Motorized Collimator Provided IMAGE INTENSIFIER: Image Intensifying Tube 9Inches, Triple Field. Nominal Entrance Field Size. 23cm Output Image diameter 25cm Image memory 100F/DIP IQ

HF 59

Model HF 59 X-RAY GENERATOR: X-Ray Generator High Frequency 50 KHz, O/P 3.5 KW Radiographic mA 30-70 mA Fluoroscopic mA (normal mode) 0.1-5mA Fluoroscopic mA H.D Mode (Max. mA)(optional) 7.5mA IMAGING CHAIN: Digital Image Intensifying Tube 9 Inches(230mm) CCD Camera 625 lines interlaced scanning 1/2" CCD Sensor. Memory Gree Image(LDHD)/1K x 1K imaging memory Power Requirement 230v AC, 50Hz, 15A
Experience the difference of using a C-arm designed for the specific needs in Orthopedics. The power to penetrate dense anatomy in lumbar and hip regions in small or large patients. The precision to accentuate boney anatomy for clear spine and ortho images. The performance to get the image you need in less time and with fewer exposures.
Biomed Technology